A quick(ish) introduction!

I’ve wanted to work with animals ever since I was a child. Firstly, a vet. Then a zookeeper, professional horse rider, miniature animal farm owner, the list was endless. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I had considered a career in conservation a real possibility. Academically I’m not overly gifted, and to be perfectly honest, for a while I genuinely believed people like me just weren’t cut out to be scientists.

I have the drive, I most definitely have the passion, but as of yet, I have never witnessed the wonder of seeing an exotic wild animal in its natural habitat. I have never taken part in a professional ecological survey either.


My background working professionally with domestic animals means I can confidently tell you the difference between a Schnoodle and a Goldendoodle, and I’m usually the first person my friends come too for advice over unexpected pregnant guinea pigs or stray cats bunking in their flats. But what good is any of that when you desire a career working with some of the worlds most endangered species?

I suppose rather naively, I didn’t believe I was a conservationist because I wasn’t already scaling mountains tagging eagles, or rummaging through rainforests searching for the worlds smallest frog. I never took into account that by aggressively campaigning against organisations such as SeaWorld since I was 8 or 9 years old, or by asking my dad to help me plant a wildflower garden to help benefit our drastically declining bee population, I was already a conservationist! Just not a professional one, yet. I’ve grown to realize that anybody can be a conservationist, professionally or not.  You just have to have a passion for wildlife, the environment, and our planet.

Fast forward to today, after working as an Animal Care Assistant since leaving school, I’ve recently just completed my first year back at college as a mature student (never have I felt so old at 23) and will hopefully, subject to passing my exams, be returning this September to study Access to Higher Education Science. Fingers crossed I will progress onto university next year to study Wildlife Conservation full-time.


So first and foremost, I aim to be an educator as well as a campaigner. I truly believe as humans it’s our duty, as was as our responsibility, to take a stand and work together to protect our planet’s wildlife and environment. Along the way I will be sharing wildlife news, tales and discoveries, alongside snippets of lectures, seminars or workshops I attend.

I hope this blog will not only allow me to contribute in some way to a cause that is so important to me, and also interest those who are passionate about our natural world, but also inspire those who are thinking of a career in conservation too. Come along and follow me on my journey towards becoming a professional conservation scientist, I have a feeling it’s going to be quite a ride!

Hollie 🙂


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